Welcome to The Pandemic Faire

In response to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Ted Kincaid, along with artist Scott Anderson, have founded an online virtual art fair – The Pandemic Faire, which will run online for the duration of the pandemic. New artists are added weekly, initially from Texas, then national, and now internationally. In their press release, Anderson and Kincaid state, “It is a platform to bring work by contemporary visual artists directly to the viewing and collecting public, without that abject fear of contagion by some art consultant who became infected on a client’s private jet.”

As much an “art action” in response to the crisis as much as an actual art fair, both founders consider this a labor of love, and are not profiting off of the situation. Kincaid states, “We make no profit from our endeavor, and seek only to expose you to outstanding, relevant, engaging works of art and the artists who create them. All participants have direct links to their websites and gallery representation, where you can digitally whisk yourself away to directly purchase anything on display that strikes your virtual fancy.”

Visit the faire here… The Pandemic Faire

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