Anderson+Kincaid: An Instant and What Remains at One Arts Plaza

One Arts Plaza will host an exhibit of two new video works by the artistic duo of Anderson+Kincaid during Dallas Art Fair Week. “An Instant, and What Remains” will feature two manufactured cloudscapes that build and dissipate in a contemplative and hypnotic manner over the course of time, and will play continuously in the lobby of One Arts Plaza in the Dallas Arts District from November 8th until November 15th.

Anderson+Kincaid is an artistic partnership established in September of 2021 by Scott Anderson and Ted Kincaid, based upon the desire to bring to realization the myriad of projects that the two artists were unable to sort, process, or fulfill individually.

Anderson+Kincaid’s mission is to collectively manufacture greater emotional experiences outside the realm of what is expected of the respective participants. Working very much in the mode of a true collaborative venture, Anderson+Kincaid will not limit itself to a set number of collaborators, nor a set aesthetic, but rather be willing to expand and contract based on the needs and direction of the group and project at any given point in time.

The scope of future endeavors by Anderson+Kincaid is meant to encompass captivating and emotionally engaging works and experiences that are more suited to – and in fact manufactured for – locations and venues other than those of the traditional gallery and institutional environments. Anderson+Kincaid projects will include but not be confined to video, sound, installation, and performance.