Marty Walker Gallery inaugurates 2010 with a new exhibition of photographically-based work by Ted Kincaid. “I DO NOT WANT THE CONSTELLATIONS ANY NEARER / /L.A. SKIES ” premieres two recent bodies of work that find the artist looking to the skies for inspiration and finding two visually resplendent, yet diametrically opposed muses; atmosphere as sculpture and environmental depredation as a filter of light and form.

I DO NOT WANT THE CONSTELLATIONS ANY NEARER confronts the viewer with a wall of opulent cloud portraits in classic tondo format, isolating summer cumuli in a scientific, almost specimen-like manner, each sensuous, puffy form an individual portrait of a fleeting moment. What is revealed is not so much a documentation of atmosphere, but a composite portrait of ephemeral sculptural form.

L.A. SKIES explores the effects of the congested LA atmosphere as a filter of light and form on a series of cloud banks. This collaboration between the artist and the altered environment profiles billowy, vaporous forms as frenetic and pompous as Los Angeles, in a sensuous, almost Northern European palette courtesy of smog and wildfire smoke. One is immediately reminded of the Venetian skies of Turner, transitory, muted and sublime in their dignity.

The exhibition opens Saturday, January 9, 2010 with a reception from 6-8 PM, and continues through February 13. For more information visit

Ted Kincaid featured in D Home Magazine

Photographer James Bland’s portraits of Texas artists are featured in the March/April issue of D Home Magazine. Portraits of 6 artists, including a fantastic two-page portrait of Kincaid comprise the article, “Portraits of the Artists,” each accompanied by a spirited interview with Laura Kostelny.The article will be expanded in the April issue of D Magazine to include more incredible images by Bland. Check it out!

Marty Walker Gallery presents Vacant Spaces

Marty Walker Gallery presents Vacant Spaces, featuring painting, photography and video depicting landscape void of human presence, weaving myth and documentation of unfettered nature that negotiates fantasy, belief, and empirical observation. The exhibition features a major new piece by Ted Kincaid, “The Only Joke God Ever Played on Me,” a wall of 15 new totally fabricated seascapes in an impressive gridded presentation. For more information, visit

Ted Kincaid featured in ART ON PAPER Magazine

Nest 45, a recent intaglio print by Ted Kincaid is featured as one of the best new editions of 2008 in the 5th Annual New Prints Review of the November-December issue of ART ON PAPER magazine. The print is from a suite of four new Nest etchings published by Manneken Press in Bloomington, Illinois, with whom Kincaid has exclusively collaborated for almost a decade.

ECOCENTRIC at Rule Gallery in Denver

Works from Kincaid’s CLOUD series will be featured in ECOCENTRIC at Rule Gallery in Denver. The exhibition opens Friday, August 8th and remains on view through Saturday, September 13th. Rule Gallery is located at 227 Broadway, in Denver, Colorado. For more information, visit

Manneken Press is going to Miami

We are excited to announce that Manneken Press will exhibit at it’s first art fair later this year; Aqua Art Miami will take place December 4 – 7 at the Aqua Hotel in South Beach. The fair runs concurrently with Art Basel Miami Beach and numerous other Miami art fairs. Manneken will feature two new projects with Ted Kincaid produced at the press this year, as well as earlier Manneken collaborations with Kincaid and works by other Manneken artists. Aqua Art Miami will be held at the Aqua Hotel, 1530 Collins Avenue in Miami Beach, Florida. For more information, visit and

7808: 30 Years at Arthur Roger Gallery

Arthur Roger Gallery celebrates 30 Years with an anniversary exhibition that features gallery artists, including new work by Ted Kincaid. The festivities begin with a reception Saturday, June 7th from 6 to 8PM, with the exhibition continuing through July 19th. Arthur Roger is a true pioneer in the contemporary art scene in New Orleans, championing work by Louisiana and Texas artists nationally. Here’s to 30 more!

Triple Vision at Marty Walker Gallery

Marty Walker Gallery is proud to present Triple Vision, an Op-Art themed exhibition featuring work by Texas artists Ted Kincaid, Tom Orr, and Susie Rosmarin.

Ted Kincaid’s newest photographic work seemingly abandons any obvious attachment to representation. Informed by a minimalist sensibility similar to that of Bridget Riley’s black and white work, Kincaid crafts a nest of graphic, repetitive lines hinting at forms both organic and mechanical, flat and dimensional, living and inanimate. Ultimately,
Kincaid delivers non-objective compositions that flirt within the realm of representation.

The exhibit opens with a reception on Saturday, February 16 from 6 – 9 PM, and continues through March 22. For more information, visit

The Dallas Museum of Art Acquires 2nd Major Work by Kincaid

The Dallas Museum of Art has acquired its second major work by Ted Kincaid, announced Thursday, December 13th at an acquisitions reception held at the museum. Untitled Thunderhead, 2003, was generously donated to the DMA by Dallas collector June Mattingly, and joins Untitled (Orb Cluster), 2001, as part of the museum’s permanent collection.

Marty Walker Gallery at Aqua Art Miami

Marty Walker Gallery will feature Kincaid’s work this December at this year’s Aqua Art Fair in Miami. See you there!

Tying Up Loose Ends and Turning Corners

Ted Kincaid’s GRIDS/BLURS exhibition, recently concluded at Marty Walker Gallery, closes a chapter in a long body of work in Kincaid’s career. During the organizational stages of Ted Kincaid: Ten Years, the artist’s midcareer survey mounted in 2006, Kincaid revisited numerous suites of images that he had never completed, or that were destroyed in New Orleans in Katrina. The artist and Marty Walker felt that the completion, reconstruction and exhibition of these works would provide an elegant sense of closure to a very conceptual phase of Kincaid’s career, and thus, GRIDS/BLURS came to fruition.

Kincaid had already started a brand new body of work, markedly removed from the conceptual nature of the photographic works of the previous decade. These remarkable images will be previewed by Marty Walker Gallery this December in Miami as part of Aqua Art Wynwood. While both Kincaid and Walker have kept tight wraps on the new work, initial response from artists and curators has been overwhelming.

“I am so happy to have been able to tie up numerous loose ends with the GRIDS/BLURS exhibition,” Kincaid said recently, “and was fortunate that Marty allowed me the freedom to do so. I feel that I have turned a major corner with these new works, and really wanted the chance to show some pieces that had either gotten destroyed, or lost in the shuffle. It makes it much easier to proceed in this new direction.”

Ted Kincaid: GRIDS/BLURS at Marty Walker Gallery

GRIDS/BLURS will be Ted Kincaid’s second solo exhibition with Marty Walker Gallery, and will feature two new bodies of work, both photographically based, which continue to challenge our tendency to believe in a photograph as factual documentation. Although seemingly a plausible representation of reality, a photograph is merely an attempt to capture nature through its own synthetic constructs. Kincaid’s previous artistic trajectory has included computer manipulated landscapes, seascapes and cloudscapes that, while not claiming to capture reality, were representations of such. On the other hand, Kincaid’s new photographs suggest the detachment from reality that occurs when translating nature into art, whether though camera, computer, paint, or other medium. The exhibition will open with a reception Saturday, September 8th and will continue through October 13th. For additional information, contact Marty Walker Gallery

Manneken Press announces three new projects with Ted Kincaid

Manneken Press’ longtime collaboration with artist Ted Kincaid continues with three new publishing projects. Master printer Jonathan Higgins is currently at work on a suite of photogravure monoprints as part of Kincaid’s recent GRIDS series, as well as a suite of four photogravures from Kincaid’s Seascape series. Manneken Press also is planning a suite of four new NEST photo-etchings by Kincaid, to be completed later this year. All three projects will be available through Manneken Press in addition to Kincaid’s gallery representation. For more information, visit

A New and Streamlined Website

Many thanks to Kansas City-based video artist Barry Anderson for completely redesigning and streamlining the website. It is now up and running, and hopefully you’ll enjoy the ease with which the site can now be navigated. While your at it, check out Anderson’s excellent work at

Full Circle: Recent Prints From Manneken Press at Reese Bullen Gallery, Marty Walker Gallery and Loyola University

Reese Bullen Gallery, Arcata, CA, is the first stop for a traveling exhibition of art produced at Manneken Press. Full Circle: Recent Prints from Manneken Press consists of 40 prints and 3 artist’s books by 8 artists, including Ted Kincaid. The gallery, located at Humboldt State University, is currently hosting the exhibition which opened on February 8 and runs through March 10, 2007. Selections from the exhibition will be shown at Marty Walker Gallery, Dallas, TX from March 30 – May 5. The Collins C. Diboll Art Gallery at Loyola University, New Orleans, LA, will show entire exhibition from September 20 – November 4, 2007.

Ted Kincaid: Ten Years at the McKinney Avenue Contemporary a smashing success!

“Ted Kincaid: Ten Years,” a decade survey curated by Charles Wylie, opened at the McKinney Avenue Contemporary in Dallas, Texas to a packed reception September 9, 2006 and remained on view through October. Viewers were afforded the opportunity to see the conceptual trajectory Kincaid’s work has taken over the past ten years, as well as glimpse works never before exhibited publicly.

A gorgeous 48 page catalog accompanied the exhibition, with an engaging and illuminating essay by the fantastic Charles Wylie, curator of contemporary art at the Dallas Museum of Art. Copies of the catalog are available at the McKinney Avenue Contemporary bookshop, Marty Walker Gallery in Dallas, Texas, Manneken Press in Bloomington, Illinois and Arthur Roger Gallery in New Orleans, Louisiana and the Dallas Museum of Art bookstore.

Ted Kincaid: Everything and Nothing at Marty Walker Gallery

Marty Walker Gallery is pleased to announce a new exhibition of photographically-based work by gallery artist Ted Kincaid. “Everything and Nothing” is an absorbing and meditative exploration of the genre of landscapes, both real and imagined. Dispensing with the high-tech pop look of his earlier CLOUD series, “Everything and Nothing” never-the-less is an elegant display of Kincaid’s mastering of photography and digital technology. While the CLOUD series wore its digital nature on its sleeve, “Everything and Nothing” juxtaposes untouched photographic images culled from Kincaid’s explorations over the course of the last year, with landscape images that are absolute and complete fabrications, challenging the viewer to define which is which.

“Everything and Nothing” opens May 12th and runs through June 17th. Marty Walker Gallery is located at 2135 Farrington Street, Dallas, Texas 75006. Regular gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 10-5 and by appointment. For more information, visit